Hiya Folks!!!

Welcome to my little web site ,here you can read about me ,listen to some of my tunes, see where im playing ,watch a video of my playing my guitar and doing some singing and even get in touch with me ...... so feel free to have a look around !

who is Matt Johnson

Matt is a Shropshire born singer/songwriter who isn't scared of tackling any subject matter in his songs,as long as his heart is in it ,be it domestic abuse,child soldiers or the plight of the fox,Matt can take that subject and put it across making the audience truly believe in every word.

When not out on his own up and down the country playing you can also find the hard working musician bouncing all over the stage with guitar or bouzouki in hand as part of Paul Henshaw and the Scientific Simpletons,having recorded the last two albums with the band and touring the UK and europe,sharing festival bills with other well known bands.

Matt can also be found fronting the indie rock band Probably Roy,whose high energy live music shows are enjoyed everytime the band take to the stage.

Matt's eagerly anticipated first ever solo release,a five track E.P. titled "Ode to Beth",which was recorded at Paul Edge's Trench Studio in Telford is due for release on the 20th of January 2020



RUN.......from the new studio E.P.

all other tracks will be available from January the 20th 


Self shot live video as i don't have any official music videos at the moment .... but they are on the way !!! x

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